Magical Texts

Some examples of Magical Texts created by students in my “Harry Potter and the Material Object” course:

The Book of Registered and Unregistered Animagi
Enchanted by Albus Severus Potter in 2018

Written by the son of Harry Potter, the purpose of this book is to record all of the animagi that have transformed within Europe. Due to his namesake, a logical conclusion is that Albus’ animagus would be a Phoenix like Albus Dumbledore’s patronus. Paper feathers were made and a paper phoenix head was attached to the cover to make the book appear to take the animagus form of the author; books with covers reflecting their contents (such as The Monster Book of Monsters) inspired this choice.

Designed and Created by: Sydney Chase



Charlie Weasley’s Dragon Journal
Medium: Tagboard, paper, glue, coffee grounds, ink

This book is Charlie Weasley’s journal while he was researching Dragons in the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary. Within it, he records various habits of dragons and things that occur on the Sanctuary. The book has a true wizarding world feel, with it being handwritten on what it supposed to be parchment yellowed by coffee grounds. The book has a torn up, Gryffindor colored cover from a dragon mishap, and within it, his various findings and shenanigans are drawn in a quick sketch style. It’s incomplete, as he was injured in his line of work, and then lost his journal at St. Mungo’s, where he was staying.

Designed and Created by: Abby Hinkleman


Wand Chooses the Wizard

Created for young witches and wizards who are anxiously awaiting the day they step into Ollivander’s, my book transforms into a practice wand! This book explains the basics of wandlore, and was created to attract young readers, make them excited about soon receiving their wand, and allow them to compare and look up famous witches and wizards that they have read about. The most important material used to create this book was the paper which is lightweight, textured, and looks rather worn. This book will help introduce young witches and wizards to the most important object they will soon possess.

Designed and Created by: Taylor Kate Boyett



Gilderoy Lockhart’s Personal Journal
Paper, ink, chipboard, wax thread

This text further explores the frivolous character, Gilderoy Lockhart, from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Book Series as he writes out his feelings and thoughts on paper. The journal takes us through Lockhart’s one year as a Hogwarts professor in 1992, the same year that the Chamber of Secrets is opened for a second time. It is meant to explore Lockhart’s character more deeply, and express how I see his thoughts and mind working in day to day life.

Designed and Created by: Elizabeth Perego



A Brief History of Quidditch and How to Play

This book describes the basic evolution of Quidditch as a sport over wizard history and provides a quick summary of the rules, regulations, and anything else a person would need to know in order to play. The cover of this book is made out of birch wood that was laser-cut and laser-engraved. This cutting and engraving allowed a solid piece of wood to become bendable, and it also provides for most of the design of the book.

Designed and Created by: Christopher Sullivan