Peer–Reviewed Journal Articles

“Transatlantic Epistolary Time in Frances Brooke’s The History of Emily Montague
Under Resubmit Review at Women’s Writing

Book Chapters

“Exploring Data Visualization: Time, Emotion, and Epistolarity in Frances       2020 Brooke’s The History of Emily Montague,” in Data Visualization in              Enlightenment Literature and Culture, edited by Ileana Baird (Forthcoming from           Palgrave Macmillan)

“‘Now I am a man!’: Sexual Violence and Feminist Revisionism in the                2018
National Theatre Production of Frankenstein” in Global Frankenstein
edited by Carol Margaret Davison and Marie Mulvey-Roberts (New                              York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

“How to Be a Woman in Scotland: Outlander as Feminist Television” in              2017
The Cinematic Eighteenth Century, edited by Srividhya Swaminathan                            and Steven Thomas (New York: Routledge, 2018)

Book Reviews

Eve Tavor Bannet, Eighteenth-Century Manners of Reading: Print                           2018
Culture and Popular Instruction in the Anglophone Atlantic World                      (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017)  The New Americanist,                        August 2018.

Louise Curran, Samuel Richardson and the Art of Letter-Writing                              2017
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016) in The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer 31.1 (2017), 40-42.

Editorial Management and Content Creation

WOVENText: Georgia Tech’s Writer/Designer (ebook: Bedford/St.                             2020                          Martin’s, 2020). Forthcoming.

WOVENText: Georgia Tech’s Bedford Book of Genres (eBook: Bedford/                     2019
St. Martin’s, 2019)

WOVENText: Georgia Tech’s Bedford Book of Genres (eBook: Bedford/                     2018
St. Martin’s, 2018)

Public-Facing Work

Truran, W. & Hoffman, C. (2020). A WCP teaching guide: Basic electronic             2020 communication netiquette. Atlanta, GA: Georgia Institute of                                            Technology.

Burnett, R.E., Batti, B., Frazee, A., Hoffman, C., Rose, M. (2020). A WCP           2020    teaching guide: Creating online courses for summer 2020. Atlanta,                                  GA: Georgia Institute of Technology.

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