Sample Assignments

Please click on the links below to see prompts for recent assignments my students at Georgia Tech have completed:

“Did We Print Enough Pamphlets for the Revolution: The Rhetoric of Social Justice from the 18th Century to Today”

Social Justice Informational Video

Examples: Videos designed by Haley Russell and Aram Shajii

“Invention, Exploration, and the Elements: The Rhetoric of Science from the 18th Century to Today”

Periodic Table Assignment

Examples: Periodic Tables designed by various students

“Age of Letters: Epistolarity in the 18th Century” and “Our Literary Mothers: British Women Writers in the 18th Century”

Mapping Lives

Examples: Maps designed by Maggie Ma, Adele Payman, Jessica Graham, and Dheeraj Bandaru and Samantha Boss, Grace McDonough, Jisu Jeon, and Daisy Yin

“Your Obedient Servant: Movement of Information in the
Age of Print Media and Beyond”

Memes, Memes, Memes and Poster Design

Examples: Posters designed by Noriyuki Shinagawa, Gavin Hornung, and Lycia Tran

Mash-up Video Design and Creation

Examples: Films by Maria Cardelino and Josh Sudijono

“Birthday Suits: Materiality of the Body in the
Eighteenth Century and Today”

Analytical Textual Annotations 

“The Disappointment” – Annotations by William Chen
Addison on the Dissection of a Beau’s Brain – Annotations and Analysis by Audrey Cossin

Op-Ed Video Design and Creation

Harry Potter and the Material Object”

Magical Text Creation and Documentary Short Film

Examples: Texts and Films by Sydney Chase, Abby Hinkleman, Taylor Kate Boyett, Elizabeth Perego, and Christopher Sullivan

Fantastic Beasts Multimodal Essay

Examples: Essays by Scott Chambliss, Nora Hong, Sanjana Kumar, Elaine Patterson, and Elizabeth Perego

“Biomedical Innovations and the Question of Ethics”

Biomedical Innovation Podcast and Presentation