Teaching Portfolio

Welcome to my Teaching Portfolio.

In addition to accessing my portfolio documents via the drop-down menu above, you may also click on the links below:

Teaching Philosophy

Sample Syllabi

Sample Assignments

Examples of Student work:

ENGL 1102: The Age of Letters: Epistolarity in the 18th Century and ENGL 1102: Our Literary Mothers: 18th Century British Women Writers

Collaborative Mapping Project 

ENGL 1102: Your Obedient Servant: The Movement of Information in the Age of Print Media and Beyond

Memes and Poster Design
Mash-Up Videos: 18th-Century Text with 21st Century Video

ENGL 1102 (Honors): Birthday Suits: Materiality of the Body in the Eighteenth Century and Today

“The Disappointment” – Annotations by William Chen
Addison on the Dissection of the Beau’s Brain – Analysis and Annotations by Audrey Cossin

ENGL 1102: Harry Potter and the Material Object

Magical Texts and accompanying Short Documentary Films
Fantastic Beasts Multimodal Essays


Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness (evaluations) is available upon request.